Factory Scheduled Maintenance

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Most drivers would consider inspection of their cars primarily at the conventional intervals recommended: 30k, 60k, and 90k miles. But a lot can happen in between those 30,000 miles, and no two drivers drive the same. Without a certified maintenance routine, your Car will both accumulate damages and break down in structural integrity over time. That’s why proper maintenance done by certified technicians is crucial when it comes to prolonging the life of your German Automobile and achieving peak performance. Here at All German Auto Escondido, we follow the manufacturer’s recommended specifications and guidelines to ensure your Car drives like a German Car, no matter how many miles you’ve driven or how you’ve driven those miles. Our knowledgeable staff will provide factory outlined, bumper to bumper maintenance checks to establish a detailed record of the maintenance history for each customer and automobile we work on, offering the most trusted German Auto maintenance services in the Escondido and San Diego area.

The Importance of Routine Maintenance

A routine maintenance schedule will prevent premature wear of various components, increase dependability and the enjoyability of your car. Most common maintenance services consists of a  multi-point inspection procedure comprising of various safety and mechanical checks.

A well-followed service schedule will keep your German Car at peak performance and reinforce the safety of your car, giving you the peace of mind knowing your car is running how it should.

Maintenance Check List

Timing belts
Oil levels, filter, lube
Electrical systems and lights
Battery maintenance
A/C system and filters, in-cabin air filtering
Tire rotation and balance
Suspension, alignment, steering
Fuel injection
Transmission/Brake/Coolant fluid flush

Maintenance Is Recommended

Aside from checking for mechanical and safety problems, a manufacturer will indicate which services are required to preserve both the factory and extended warranties. Without factory endorsed warranties, repairs can be both costly and time consuming.The repair cost of automobiles is usually the determining factor in choosing a mechanic. Too often, consumers disregard the quality of the service, legitimacy of the parts used, and sometimes, forgo certification checks for the sake of time and money.

Regularly scheduled maintenance checks can remove a lot of the guess work, by keeping a record of not only what needs to be fixed, but why. This can be tremendous in preventing future damages and keeping the cost down by minimizing natural wear.We here at All German Auto Escondido provide not only the best and most reliable German Auto manufacturer scheduled maintenances in the Escondido area, but the fastest too. Our ASE certified and factory trained technicians possess the skills to provide impeccable service with a healthy dose of German Automotive knowledge, resulting in a rare mix of quality services at bargain prices.

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